Protein expression service

Protein Expression Service

Abgree provides one-stop services from gene synthesis and vector construction to protein expression and purification. According to customer needs, different expression / purification labels and expression hosts can be selected to truly realize deep private customization for customers. A variety of purification systems provide a variety of options for protein expression and purification. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality and low-cost recombinant proteins.

Green Yeast

Yeast Expression System

Service Description

Yeast expression system is the most cost-effective eukaryotic protein expression system, which can successfully achieve intracellular expression or secretory expression. It has the advantages of short prokaryotic expression cycle, low cost and easy operation, and is easy to be amplified and cultured at industrial level; At the same time, it has the ability of eukaryotic cells to correctly process and modify proteins after translation, as well as reasonable spatial folding and glycosylation modification. It can be used to prepare protein raw materials with high added value that are very close to natural proteins.

Service Features

1. Provide one-stop services including gene design and optimization, protein expression condition optimization, constitutive expression strain construction, protein purification and modification, data analysis and report sorting;

2. The culture volume of a single batch is optional, and the target protein of mg kg level can be provided.

Abgree has rich experience in yeast protein expression and screening yeast expressing high copy strains. It can secrete and express a variety of proteins by using secretory signal sequences, which can meet a variety of needs of customers.

Grenn Mammalian

Mammalian Cells Expression System

Service Description

Mammalian cell expression system can provide recombinant proteins with post-translational modifications closer to the natural state, and its expression products are closer to natural higher biological protein molecules in terms of molecular structure, physical and chemical properties and biological functions. This characteristic makes mammalian cell expression the most widely used in scientific research and recombinant protein drugs, especially therapeutic recombinant monoclonal antibodies.

Service Features

Abgre has established a mature mammalian protein expression system and purification platform, and has rich expression experience in CHO and HEK293 cells Provide mammalian protein (HEK293, CHO cells) expression and purification services.

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