May 26, 2022

Pepsinogen is synthesized by the chief cells of oxyntic glands, and is converted into pepsin by hydrochloric acid (HCL) or active pepsin in the gastric cavity, and decomposes proteins into fat and peptone. and a small amount of peptides. Pepsinogen is the precursor of pepsin, and it is divided into 2 subgroups according to its biochemical properties and immunogenicity. The immunogenicity of components 1-5 is the same, called pepsinogen I, which is mainly composed of gastric fundic glands. Secreted by chief cells and mucous neck cells; components 6 and 7, known as pepsinogen II, are secreted by chief cells and mucous neck cells of the fundic glands, mucous neck cells of the pyloric glands of the cardia and gastric antrum, and ten Pepsinogen II is also produced in the upper duodenum.

The level of serum pepsinogen reflects the morphology and function of gastric mucosa in different parts: PGI is a pointer to detect the function of gastrine adenocarcinoma cells. When gastric acid secretion increases, PGI increases, secretion decreases or gastric mucosa gland atrophy decreases. PGII was significantly correlated with gastric fundus mucosal lesions (compared with gastric antrum mucosa), and the increase of PGII was related to atrophy of gastric fundus glandular ducts, metaplasia of gastric supramustrum or pseudopyloric gland, and abnormal metaplasia. The progressive decrease of PGI/II ratio was associated with the progression of gastric atrophy. Therefore, the combined measurement of PGI and PGII ratio can act as "serological biopsy" of gastric fundus gland mucosa.

The pepsinogen (PGI, PGII) protein produced by Abgree using the eukaryotic expression system has post-translational modifications and correct spatial folding close to the natural state. It can specifically bind to the corresponding monoclonal antibodies on the market, with stable protein performance and specificity. Good crossover, strong activity, is an ideal source for preparing standards.

Name Catlog.No. Host Application
G7015a Yeast Standard
G7016a      CHO     Standard