Myoglobin (Mb) antibody

May 27, 2022

Myoglobin (Mb) is a small-molecule pigment protein composed of globin and heme (Heme), which can be reversibly combined with oxygen to form MbO2, which is called oxymyoglobin , Mb is called deoxymyoglobin. It has the function of transporting and storing oxygen in muscle cells. When the myocardium is damaged, it diffuses out of the myocardium and enters the blood circulation. Myoglobin exists only in cardiac and skeletal muscle, and other tissues, including smooth muscle, do not contain this protein.

Myoglobin (Mb) is a protein that stores and distributes oxygen in mammalian cells, mainly muscle cells. The muscles of diving mammals such as whale seals and dolphins are so rich in myoglobin that their muscles are brownish-red. Oxygen storage in myoglobin allows these animals to be submerged underwater for long periods of time. Myoglobin is composed of a polypeptide chain and a prosthetic group heme, with a relative molecular mass of 16,700 and 153 amino acid residues. Apomyoglobin that removes heme is called globin, which has obvious homology in amino acid sequence with the subunits of hemoglobin (α-globin chain and β-globin chain), and their conformation and functions are also very similar.

Abgree provides supporting myoglobin raw materials. The prokaryotic expression of myoglobin has stable performance and good specificity, and is suitable for the preparation of standards and immunogens. The MYO paired antibodies provided have been verified by customers and have been converted for many years with data feedback, which can be better applied to platforms such as chemiluminescence and immunochromatography.

Name  Catlog.No. Host Application
Myoglobin Antigen   
grMy1-00 E.coli Standard
Myoglobin antibody   
grMy1-02 Mouse CLIA,POCT
Myoglobin antibody    grMy1-04